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Brief info

Since the end of 2018 I have been secretary of Beach de Lux. As a career changer who never played indoor volleyball, I played beach volleyball for the first time about 10 years ago. What started purely as a pastime and Loisir developed over the years into a true passion that I can't imagine living without. For me, the club means on the one hand the possibility to practice the sport and to develop my own skills, but on the other hand it is also the possibility to promote the sport as such on a national level, for beginners as well as for more experienced players with more competitive ambitions, for whom the offer in Luxembourg seems to me to be unfortunately insufficient. The opportunity to share this passion with others and to inspire others to do so, and the small wish in the back of my mind to perhaps be able to practice this wonderful sport in winter as well sometime in the future, are certainly driving forces for which I am happy to invest myself with my heart. Besides my function as a secretary, you will find me at most of our events, be it trainings, tournaments or other events.

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