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Secretary & Training Coordinator

Brief info

Hello, I’m Chris and I am a member of the BDL family since day one. As through the last years the Luxemburg beach community became bigger and bigger year after year, I always tried together with some of the other “addicts” to push it to the point that this community was given a name and a framework… and so BDL was created. My main responsibility for BDL lies in organizing and supervising our trainings. As a secondary school teacher, I try to use my educational skills to show motivated and sports loving people the beauty and the complexity of this marvelous sport. My motivation lies in making you discover your own eagerness to learn and your passion and finally making you get captivated by everything what the most attractive sports of all has to give.

I used to play basketball for 25 years what provided me plenty of useful attributes for the beach. In my free time, whenever it’s possible, I try to be at the beach, meeting my friends, playing hard to get better, fitter and faster, developing new technical skills and finally learning to master the sports … and what’s most important, enjoying every single moment of it.

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