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In 2007 I discovered beach volleyball in Austria. Coming back to Luxembourg right after, it turned out that some of my friends played as well. Quickly I progressed and other players asked me to join their indoor volleyball club. I refused for some years but finally in 2012, at the age of 28, I started to play for EVBC. I played for them for 3 years before switching to VCFentange. Starting with the second team I soon worked my way up to play at the top level Luxemburg offers. I'm proud to be able to play and practice with professional players from all around the globe; some with world championship skills. In 2017/2018 we won the Luxembourgish Cup, the Championship of Luxembourg and we qualified to play European Cup. It was an exceptional experience for me.
Nevertheless, beach volleyball continues to be an important hobby in my life. My biggest win was 1st place at the LBO in a 2vs2 mixed team but now I'm getting old so I will be thankful to experience moments like this again.

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